To get the best out of your MYOB Advanced software, it is important that your system is up to date. Here you can find information about the MYOB Advanced version history and the latest upgrades available which include the latest features.

Upgrades for MYOB Advanced happen automatically. Approximately once a month an overnight process will upgrade the site with a minor release. As a result, you don’t need to do anything.

Once a year there will be a generational upgrade and we will be in touch regarding when this will take place and what new features will become available. For these upgrades, we will liaise with you on whether you want to test the new features in a sandbox environment plenty of time before it is due to take place.

Summary of the New Features added to the 2019 Series of MYOB Advanced

2019.1 – MYOB Advanced Business Release

The 2019 release of MYOB Advanced includes new features such as:

  • Deferral code improvements
  • Enhanced reporting options
  • Improved calendar functionality
  • New landed cost processing
  • Updated user interface options
  • Updated project budget forecasting
  • New Project quoting

For more information, see the Advanced 2019.1 Release Notes

Download Generic Test Plan here.

Summary of the New Features added to the 2018 Series of MYOB Advanced

2018.1.8 – MYOB Advanced Business Release

The 2018.1.8 release of MYOB Advanced included new features in the Payroll module, including:

  • Tax compliance updates for tax tables to student loans and superannuation guarantee thresholds
  • TFN declarations via Single Touch Payroll (STP).
  • Payslip Password Protection can now be switched on.
  • Enhancement to Reducing Balance Deductions.

For more information, see the Advanced 2018.1.8 Release Notes.