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Take control of the complexities of managing your business at every level with MYOB Exo Employer Services.

Our Support During Covid-19

Kilimanjaro understands how the constantly changing environment at the moment is affecting all businesses one way or another. We want to make sure we are providing you with up to date news and support to help you navigate your business through these times. For more information about Kilimanjaro’s response, please read more here.

Setting up MYOB Exo Employer Services for the NZ Government stimulus package

As directed by the New Zealand government, a COVID-19 Wage Subsidy Scheme has been developed to help businesses and affected workers. MYOB has developed an instruction guide for impacted businesses who are taking part in this subsidy and making payments through Exo Employer Services. Download the guide here.

MYOB Exo Employer Services

In today’s commercial and regulatory environment, managing staff effectively is one of the keys to a successful business. MYOB Employer Services products are designed to help medium and larger companies easily streamline payroll, manage staff leave, plan rosters and more – even in the hardest to reach working environments. MYOB Employer Services is a fully integrated suite of Human Resource Management software which provides full visibility to improve efficiency and empower your workforce. Every product is part of an integrated business solution, with full compatibility across the MYOB Employer Services family and with MYOB’s other mid-market products and services.

Fully Integrated Suite

Modules in the MYOB Exo Employer Services suite are part of an integrated business solution and are fully compatible with each other, meaning you can add modules as and when you need to. The suite of products is specifically designed for medium to larger sized businesses and will enable you to make faster and better-informed decisions. Using MYOB Employer Services, you will have

STP Compliant

MYOB Payroll complies with the new Single Touch Payroll requirements and has been tried and tested on hundreds of sites, ensuring a seamless transition to S.T.P.


Payroll – This complete management tool will remove the hassle of having to manually calculate earnings, taxes and deductions by doing it for you.

Timesheets –MYOB Exo Payroll can receive data directly from remote sites to reduce the burden of timesheet entry workload through this electronic, automated process.

Time and Attendance – Manage rostered employees with MYOB Exo Time & Attendance by tracking labour costs, examining trends and creating intricate accounting reports

Employee Information –Stay up-to-date with all your staff information through management and tracking tools. Housing all your HR information in one place will streamline your information and allow you to keep track of employee movements.

My Staff Info – Reduce payroll staff hours with MyStaffInfo, allowing employees access to payslips, the ability to apply for leave and view their own holiday entitlements online.

Timeclock – Integrate this module with Exo Time and Attendance for a complete capture solution to managing staff hours using biometric finger scanners, magnetic swipe cards or barcodes.

Key Benefits

  • MYOB Employer Services will manage, streamline and automate manual labour from planning rosters to communication within employees.
  • It is a fully integrated software for companies which seek for innovative solutions
  • MYOB Exo Employer Services embraces your businesses change and growths through benefits such as simplifying intricacies of management, enhancing payroll reporting and empowering your team.
  • Flexible processing and reporting multi-level cost centre analysis with unlimited costing per employee.
  • MYOB ES enables open communication and clear management practices within the workplace.
  • Empower your workforce by giving them 24/7 visibility of their own secure information and details with a central repository for all your staff information.

The Right Solution for you

Choosing the right solution is complicated. Kilimanjaro believes it is important to have a trusted advisor guide you through these decisions to ensure your business requirements are being met. Contact us to speak to an accredited payroll expert who can guide you to determine if this suite of products will create efficiency and solve the problems in your business.

MYOB Exo Employer Services: Timesheets

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Employee Information

MYOB’s system that accurately manages human resource records

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MYOB Exo MyStaffInfo

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MYOB Exo Timeclock

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MYOB Exo Employer Services – Version Release History

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MYOB Exo Employer Services

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