Keeping an accurate track of employees’ time has always been a challenge for businesses. For years employers have used manual punch cards as a way of keeping track of attendance. These days however, there’s an easier and more accurate solution.

Exo Timeclock captures your employees’ clocking times using biometric finger scanners, magnetic swipe cards or barcodes.

Data from Exo Timeclock can then be imported directly into Exo Time and Attendance for job costing and rostering.

Key Features

  • Works in all environments, from coal mines to call centres
  • Handles different roles, shifts and tolerances
  • Eliminates ‘time theft’ by confirming user identity
  • Works from a single PC but is fully networkable for multi-user access
  • Options include biometric finger scanners

For further information please have a read of the MYOB Exo Timeclock fact sheet