MYOB Exo Business is a complete, fully integrated financial and business management system. It contains modules supporting finance, job costing, fixed assets, point of sale, customer relationship management, consolidation and intercompany reporting. Technically known as ERP software (Enterprise Resource and Planning), MYOB Exo Business provides a complete business system that enables dynamic businesses to keep growing.

It is simple to use, flexible and highly configurable to meet your business’ needs today and well into the future. It is scalable from a single user to a hundred users and beyond – centralising information in your key business system.  You control access and can restrict who has permission to view specific data.

MYOB Exo has been built on robust and reliable technology. It utilises a Microsoft SQL server as its database. The software has been successfully deployed by over 3000 dynamic organisations across Australia and New Zealand. Each of these organisations has benefited from Exo’s rapid return on investment. Implementation costs are typically lower than other mid-tier software packages.

The MYOB Exo Business Suite of business software

A Full Suite for larger, more complex businesses, MYOB Exo Business provides a highly configurable business and accounting software and integrated e-commerce solution.

A new breed of financial packages, MYOB Exo Business centralises all business processes into one database. This eliminates unnecessary duplication of information in your business. Contact and document management are built-in so you can make the most of your customer and supplier relationships.

You can also design your own reports extracting the information you need to run your business as efficiently as possible. And when you’re ready to go online, MYOB Exo Business is fully web-enabled for business-to-business or business-to-consumer transaction handling.

Over 2000 companies use MYOB Exo Business daily to gain significant business benefits, including reduced operating costs, increased margins, better stock control, improved efficiencies and greater visibility of all business functions.

For further information on what MYOB Exo Business can do for you please have a look at the below categories, or contact Kilimanjaro for a no obligation chat about your requirements.