The MYOB Exo CRM Module is a customer relationship management (CRM) tool that is fully integrated with Exo Business. Exo CRM provides complete visibility and control over your end to end sales workflow and will help you manage customer interactions.

Full integration with Exo Business means that all prospect and customer information from activities, tasks, emails and quotes through to sales histories are available through one centralised database. Such comprehensive integration eliminates the need for any double-handling, inconsistencies or re-keying that inevitably arises through the use of multiple systems.

Flexible customisation allows you to set varying levels of access for users who require administrative rights as opposed to a user who simply needs access to customer information and to create quotes.

To learn more, please read the Exo CRM factsheet or read MYOB’s whitepaper ‘Harnessing intelligence from your customers with an integrated CRM SYSTEM’.