Summary of the New Features added to the 2016 Series of MYOB Exo


  • Improved Excel Export – makes exporting reports to Microsoft Excel easier
  • Parameters on Report Previews – report parameters now appear in a resizable pane so you can change the preview without having to exit back to the Clarity Report Parameters window
  • Enhancement to Parameter Labels – added ability to use Display Names set up in Exo Business Config in parameter labels
  • Update to the ABN Verification Service – system now displays a warning message if the verification fails, but will still allow the record to be saved


  • Updates to Business Alerts – you can now set Business Alerts for a range of events as new event categories are available. The Business Alerts screen has also been redesigned and new parameters have been defined
  • Maxiumum Number of Extra Fields – this has increased from 24 extra fields to 38 extra fields for most tables
  • Provisional Tax – The NZ GST Return function can now include provisional tax information
  • Update to Stock Search – When the “?” wild card is included in a stock code search, the Stock Search window always appears and shows any entries that match the code
  • Update to Integrated Cashbook – this can now support over 200 rows
  • Updates to the GL Report Writer – set up options have now been added to provide greater flexibility
  • ABN Verification – Exo Business can now verify ABNs for Australian companies
  • Online Connectivity Check – this checks the status of Exo Cloud Services. If there are any issues with connectivity, an error message will be displayed
  • New Clarity methods
  • Geolocation Updates – more compact pop-up window and new controls available
  • Interface Updates – a modern interface is available with the Windows Aero Theme now enabled by default. Other updates include window resizing and rebranding.
  • Cashbook Periscope
  • Session Idle Timeout – ability to configure an idle timeout for users


  • Improvements to Purchase Order grids increasing flexibility of use. This includes extra functionality such as the ability to add extra fields and use search templates.
  • Refinements to the SBR Taxable Payments Annual report validation and submission process


  • Updates to Purchase Orders Window – new Purchase Order entry form that uses EXO-Grid style functionality allowing users to add or hide columns, define their own columns using extra fields and reorder the presentation of columns.
  • Standard Business Reporting  – a cloud-based Taxable Payments Annual Report (TPAR) submission process incorporating Standard Business Reporting (SBR) interface to the ATO.
  • Clarity Report Print to File Options- the Print to File Setup window in the Clarity Report Designer has been redesigned, making it easier to produce XLS data files with properly aligned rows and columns from Clarity reports.
  • GL Trial Balance Tree Options – you can choose to show or hide inactive or zero-balance accounts in the tree.
  • Display of Currency Symbols – foreign currency values should now include the currency sign appropriate to that currency in all main forms and grids.
  • Job Costing Date Validation – Job Costing now incorporates transaction dates and financial period validation.
  • Extra Search Field Formatting – this release adds enhancements to the user-level profile settings that add extra fields to the various search screens and grids that support them, e.g. Extra stock items search fields, Extra creditor account search fields
  • Posting GL from the Command Line – the Post Ledgers to GL function can now be run from the command line, allowing you to process the default ledger posting in a scheduled, automated, unattended mode out of hours.
  • Update to Geolocation Features – when retrieving geolocation information for an account’s Delivery Address, if a structured “official” address is found for the account, the system will now overwrite the existing address with the structured address.
  • For more information and access to release notes, please click visit our blog.


  • Updates to Non Accounts – a new Active flag is available on the Non Account Details window
  • Composite Business Alerts – this release adds the ability to create complex Business Alert rules that reference other rules.
  • Deposits on Sales Orders in EXO POS – EXO POS now allows deposits to be entered on Sales Orders when using the shopping cart functionality.
  • Documents on Works Orders – the Works Orders window now has a Documents tab
  • Line ordering on Subscriptions – it is now possible to control the order of line items on subscriptions.
  • For more information and access to release notes, please visit our blog.

Summary of the Features added to the 2015 Series of MYOB EXO

Summary of the Features added to the Version 8 Series of MYOB EXO

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