Summary of the New Features added to the 2017 Series of MYOB Exo

2017.3 – The “2017 Wrap up” Release


PO from SO Alternate Suppliers

  • This release adds the ability to select alternate suppliers for stock item lines when generating Purchase Orders from a Sales Order. Selecting More Actions > Generate PO(s) on the Sales Orders window opens the Generate Purchase Order(s) from Sales Order window as normal

Deferring Remittance Mailshots

  • This release adds the ability to recall creditor payment batches and send or re-send remittances via mailshot, which allows the sending of remittances to be deferred until sometime after the batch is processed.

Performance Improvements

  • This release includes improvements to the performance of the Exo Business system when invoicing. Performance has been significantly improved when processing Debtor invoices, when processing Job Costing invoices and when allocating stock to billing schedule invoices

Asset Activities

  • This release adds the ability to associate activities (tasks and appointments) with assets. An Activities tab has been added to the main Fixed Assets window, where you can add and edit activities for the asset

Interface Updates

  • You can now save the position of the main forms of all Exo Business modules (with the exception of Exo POS, which always opens full screen).

Inserting Multiple Lines in Purchase Orders

  • It is now possible to insert multiple lines into a Purchase Order at once. When selecting stock items on the Stock Search window, you can select multiple items and click Save & Close to insert all selected items into the order at once

Copying Extra Fields

  • This release adds the ability to control whether or not Extra Field values are copied when copying Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Debtor Invoices and Jobs (previously, this was only possible when copying Assets, Opportunities or Opportunity Quotes).

New Remittance Address Function

  • When remittance advice is sent to a Creditor, the email address to use is now determined by a new database function, which means that you can customise the system to set email addresses the way you want.

2017.2 – The “Fixed Assets” Release

This release updates the MYOB Exo Fixed Assets module, adding numerous features that are standard in other Exo Business modules. This provides a stable foundation for updates to asset management functionality, to be introduced in future releases.

Main Screen

  • The main Screen of Exo Fixed Assets now supports standard business flow menus—you can set up and edit business flow menus for Exo Fixed Assets in Exo Business Config in the same way as you can for other modules. A default menu, including tabs with dashboards, is added in this release

Default Menu includes

  • Task Scheduler – This tab is the same as the Task Scheduler tab on other modules. It contains the standard Activity Search and Recent Items widgets (recently used assets now appear on the Recent Items widget).
  • Assets – This tab contains a dashboard layout with new widgets that let users access asset records and functions.
  • Education Centre tab – This tab displays the standard Education Centre widget, which displays the Education Centre website inside the Exo Fixed Assets interface.

Assets Setup

  • Setup options for Exo Fixed Assets can be configured in the Admin section of Exo Business Config as in previous releases.
  • This release adds separate windows for the Setup Asset Groups and Setup Asset Locations sections, which can be added to dropdown menus in Exo Fixed Assets
  • New columns are available on the search screen of the Setup Asset Groups section and window, showing more information about each group

Asset Search

  • A new Asset Search dashboard widget is available. This widget functions in the same way as the existing search window for assets, and is available on the default business flow menu added in this release.

Search Features

  • Exo Fixed Assets now supports the Extra Search Fields functionality that is available for other search windows.

Copying Assets

  • This release adds the ability to speed up the creation of assets by copying an existing asset

Asset Details

  • Exo Fixed Assets now lets you specify an image for each asset, in the same way that images can be specified for stock items. A new Picture URL property is available on the main Asset


  • A new print button is available on the Asset Register window’s toolbar.

New Tabs on Asset Records

  • The Asset Register window is now a tabbed interface, containing standard tabs that are available on most other account windows.
  • The asset code and name are always displayed above the tab bar.
  • The following tabs are available: Details, Extra Fields, Transactions, Notes, History Notes, Analysis and Documents

Additional features

  • Purchase order window has been updated to make it consistent with the Sales Order window.
  • Works Order Costs The system now records the stock transaction related to each line of a Works Order.
  • Staff Details required to be all capitals, e.g. JOHN MCDONALD. This release removes this restriction; staff details can now be in mixed case, e.g. John McDonald.
  • Reprinting Creditor Remittances This release adds the ability to reprint Creditor Remittance advice. A new Re-Print Remittance option is available when right-clicking on a payment on the Transactions tab of the Creditor Account Details window

2017.1 – User interface, cloud services and clarity updates release

The 2017.1 release contains numerous enhancements to Exo Business user interfaces, improving system usability and adding new functionality. The Exo Clarity report builder has also received a significant upgrade.

Clarity designer changes:

  • Three new report components are available on the Advanced Components toolbar including: PaintBox, TableGrid and Google Map
  • Design tab zoom setting feature
  • Design layers (reports can contain multiple layers, each with its own design)
  • New page and band layers
  • Preview tab now has a thumbnails view
  • Hyperlinks for image components
  • New Exo clarity help centre:

Menu Favourites

  • A new Menu Favourites control is available at the left of the major Exo Business modules. Clicking on this control (or pressing CTRL+SPACE) opens a pane containing commonly and recently used menu options.
  • Customising and searching within the Menu Favourites Pane is available

Cloud Service Status Icon

  • A new icon at the bottom of the major Exo Business modules displays the status of the Exo Business cloud services (such as Bank Feeds, geolocation features and ABN lookups)

ABN Verification

  • Exo Business includes the ability to verify ABN numbers entered for Debtor and Creditor accounts using an online service

Additional features

  • Stop credit options when receipting payments
  • Integrated cashbook now highlights “Stop Credit” debtors in red and includes a right click option to take the debtor off stop credit.
  • Company types on contacts
  • Opportunities sequence number included on the opportunities tab of the debtor account
  • Creditor payment processor defaults to Direct Credit instead of cheque
  • Sentence case on extra fields
  • New company colour settings allow a wider range of colours then the previous profile config setting.
  • Exo now uses the Google Maps for the geolocation functions.
  • Enhanced invoice search for creditors now matches the functionality that exists from debtor invoice searches
  • Documents tab available on general ledger accounts

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