Posted on: Thursday May 24th, 2012

Author: Ronnie Baskind

Developed by the people that know warehousing for people who need a warehousing solution. The “INTRO” WMS was designed specifically for the smaller to medium sized warehouses. The INTRO WMS is based on the MR2 WMS framework which ensures a stable operating environment and provides a clear upgrade path should the need arise.The structure and logic has been developed to be user friendly and efficient utilising drop-down menus and prompted data entry fields to perform tasks, select reports and update information. INTRO uses portable radio frequency (RF) scanning devices to perform real time tasks in the warehouse environment. Barcode scanning is used, where practical, to input information via the RF device. A VDU is used to view enquiries and reports.



  • Real time RF receiving against incoming purchase orders or blind receipts
  • Barcode licence plates applied to all incoming receipts


  • Real time RF putaway
  • System directed putaway based on the latest optimisation algorithms
  • Barcoded locations for validation

Order Picking

  • Real time RF order picking
  • Barcoded licence pallets applied to dispatch pallets/cartons
  • Prints manifests, packing slips and dispatch label


  • Real time RF replenishment
  • Replenishment managed by the WMS

Stock Adjustments

  • Real time RF stock adjustments


  • Improved labour productivity
  • Real time visibility of inventory
  • Real time data entry
  • Improved picking accuracy
  • Control over order prioritisation
  • Reduction in paperwork – printing and filing
  • Reduce risk related to reliance on individuals and local knowledge
  • Short implementation lead-time
  • Quick on boarding of new starters of the group, the licences can be upgraded to full Independent Licences by paying the difference to the full RRP for each module.

Note: POS terminals do not qualify for Additional Company Licencing.