Posted on: Friday October 03rd, 2014

Author: Kilimanjaro Consulting

Object lock occurs when multiple users are trying to work on the same transaction. The User will get the following (or similar) error message;


Instructions for the system administrator

Contact your systems administrator as the resolution requires access to the SQL database, and some knowledge of SQL.

The below method requires you to delect the lock in the OBJECT_LOCK table in SQL .

  1. Obtain the record ID or transaction number of the transaction/s that need to be unlocked
  2. In SQL Server
    a.         Choose database
    b.         Select “dbo.OBJECT_LOCK”
    c.         Click New Query
    d.         Enter Script (it is recommended to choose the SEQNO and not the RECORDID)

Select * from OBJECT_LOCK where RECORDID = [enter transaction no/s]
Delete from OBJECT_LOCK where SEQNO = [enter SEQNO/s]

e.         Select “Execute” (to execute certain parts of the script, highlight that line/range only and then click “Execute”)