Posted on: Thursday May 24th, 2012

Author: Kilimanjaro Consulting

Kilimanjaro has developed a structured implementation methodology, or process, designed to reduce the risks involved in moving to a new business management and accounting system. Some of the questions which clients often ask are:

“What will happen to my historical data ?”

In most cases, we will be able to use scripts (a set of coded instructions that extract the data from your old database, and re-format it to suit MYOB Exonet) and you will only be required to clean up your data. You will have the opportunity to reclassify data, change stock item codes or names, or even restructure your chart of accounts at this stage. In the very unlikely event that we cannot access your existing data at the database level, by exporting data in whatever format your current system allows, we are able to programmatically bring the data across. You should not have to re-key information.

“Can you convert my data from MYOB Premier ?”

Yes. MYOB has developed a process to migrate your data from MYOB Premier to MYOB Exonet. While there are some exceptions to where this works, in most cases, we will be able to convert your data to the new format.

” What about systems from different software suppliers like Attache and 2Clix?”

We have assisted many companies in moving to MYOB Exonet, off many different systems. Our technical team has in all cases been able to limit the amount of data that needs to be rekeyed to an absolute minimum. MYOB Exonet has some different requirements, for example, your stock may need to be categorised into primary and secondary groups. Our process will assist you to do this without having to rekey all the existing data.

“Can I still keep my old system going after I move to MYOB Exonet”

This depends on the licencing arrangements with your existing software supplier. Some systems will allow you access to your historical data without a current licence, while others may lock you out completely. Establishing this is critical when deciding how much historical information you bring across to MYOB Exonet.