Posted on: Tuesday November 26th, 2013

Author: Kilimanjaro Consulting

8.7 is an exciting release for MYOB and our customers. The release includes significant improvements to Exo Business and Exo Job Costing, and introduces a set of Exo Business Services that increase the extensibility of the Exo platform for consultants and 3rd party developers.

Some Key Features

Job Costing

  • Improved Job Costing progress billing and cost allocation mechanisms allowing for greater detail and analysis
  • Roll-ups of sub jobs to the master job and processing actions that apply to the rolled-up data
  • Improved job costing analytics and context sensitive dashboards
  • Support for operating job costing together with perpetual inventory
  • Accounting for work in progress for inventory and non-inventory items in the balance sheet
  • A new credit note process for jobs that reverses the originating job transactions

 Business Alerts

  • Ability to setup custom alerts
  • Rules using custom conditions can be attached to various transaction points in your Exo system including the following:
    • Sales orders
    • Purchase Orders
    • Creditors Invoice
    • Debtor Invoice
    • Opportunity Quotes
    • Job Quote
    • Job Transactions
    • Direct Material Entry
    • Direct Time Entry
  • When a rule’s conditions are met, a message can be displayed to the user and a notification email can optionally be sent to one or more addresses.

 Emailing Service

  • This release adds an email service utility
  • Can be used to automate the sending of emails from the Exo Business system
  • This service is used by the new Business Alerts module, but it can potentially be used to send emails for any reason


  • The Exo API (Application Programming Interface) is an interface which makes it easy for any app running on any device or operating system to connect and interact with Exo Business databases.

 General Features

  • Direct entry of GL codes on to debtor invoices (excluding POS)
  • New control types for extra fields in all transaction Exo grids (drop down selections, dates, checkboxes etc.)

What’s new in Version 8.7?

 Education Centre Portal

  • Online documentation repository
  • New online Help files
  • Video training material
  • Database Schemas

MYOB Education Centre Portal

Are you upgrade ready?

We have a list of typical Upgrades FAQ which may answer some of your upgrade questions.

Kilimanjaro is still implementing and upgrading to version 8.6 as the current stable version while we complete our internal testing of version 8.7 over the December/January period.

If you are interested in upgrading, please contact the team at [email protected] so we can discuss timeframes and costs with you.