Posted on: Thursday May 24th, 2012

Author: Ronnie Baskind

Kilimanjaro Business to Business (B2B)

Real-time information to your customers

Our web-based ordering system enables your agents, dealers or sales reps to check stock levels in real-time, see incoming or available stock information, place sales orders, and track orders. The orders appear instantly within MYOB Exonet, and can be dispatched by the warehouse within minutes of being placed.

Integrated to Pricing Policies and discounts

The pricing is integrated with MYOB Exonet pricing policies, so each customer only sees their own price, as set up in Exonet’s pricing policy.

True or masked stock levels

True stock levels or “masked” stock levels can be enabled, depending on the level of user permission. Masked stock levels mean you can show that you have stock, without revealing the actual stock quantities.

Customised website

The website can be customised to reflect the look and feel of your own business.

Incoming stock visibility

Incoming stock schedule can be made visible, showing due date and quantities of confirmed shipments. While the web component of this application is hosted, the data is stored in your own Exonet database, and there is no manual process required to upload / download orders.

Easy Implementation

If you already have MYOB Exonet up and running, we can implement our business to business solution for you within days. Orders that used to come in via fax, e-mail or phone will now flow directly into your MYOB Exonet system, and all your customers require is access to the internet. Note that this solution is for account customers only, as it does not have any payment gateway incorporated – a true business to business solution.

Cost Benefit

This is an extremely cost-effective solution. For less than the cost of one staff member for one month, you can add this to your Exonet ERP system.