Posted on: Tuesday August 21st, 2012

Author: Ronnie Baskind

The Olympics is an inspiring spectacle. Drawing hundreds of thousands of viewers every four years, it inspires motivation and key messages touting the importance of teamwork, dedication and perseverance.

What it also exemplifies is Peter Drucker’s view that “you can’t manage what you can’t measure”. Measuring performance provides the motivation for continuous improvement. Take for instance the Men’s 400m Freestyle race at the Olympics. It’s obvious that over the years, the time taken to complete the race has incrementally decreased as competitors train hard to beat the previous (measured) record. Without measuring performances each year, how would the swimmers know how they compared to their rivals? How would they know if they needed to improve their time?

Though improvements can be incremental and slow, it is important to remember that every bit counts. Eventually, all of your small efforts to improve your business’ efficiency and performance add up to make a big difference. At Kilimanjaro, we refer to this process as ‘sharpening the spear’- tracking and measuring our performance so we can identify areas for improvement.