Posted on: Tuesday February 19th, 2019

Author: Kilimanjaro Consulting

Kilimanjaro is both delighted and honoured to announce that we have once again achieved MYOB Diamond Partner status and retained Platinum Status for MYOB Exo and MYOB Advanced for 2019! Maintaining this status for the fourth consecutive year is a testament to our dedicated Kilimanjaro Sherpas and the trusted relationships we maintain with every client.

What do these MYOB awards mean to us?

To become an MYOB partner, you must have certified consultants and meet minimum requirements. In order to achieve Diamond and/or Platinum Partner status is a lot harder.

The MYOB Partner channel is there to service bigger businesses. This means implementation and on-going support for MYOB Enterprise products, such as MYOB Advanced and MYOB Exo. As the channel continues to evolve, the benchmark for recognition grows higher. The journey to achieve Diamond and Platinum status is a long and challenging one. But continues to be a driving force for Kilimanjaro and our entire team. It is a credit to all the hard work, commitment and our low-risk approach demonstrated with every client. However, we always sharpen the spear, always strive to do better.

It is for this very reason that we have achieved these accolades from MYOB., as Diamond and Platinum Partner.

Kilimanjaro - MYOB Exo Platinum partnerKilimanjaro MYOB Advanced Platnium Partner

The History of MYOB’s Diamond Partner Award

Back in 2016, on the 14th of March, MYOB announced their very first Diamond Partner: Kilimanjaro Consulting. We were honoured to wear this title as the first MYOB Diamond Partner. Thus began the challenge to maintain this status for the future. Today, we are proud to have maintained this recognition for 4 years in a row. It is now not only an honour but an obligation.

Kilimanjaro’s Approach

Behind our success is an approach we took at Kilimanjaro from the very beginning. Our promise to clients is to improve their efficiency (using our low-risk methodologies) through the use of clever, innovative and proven technology. Customer satisfaction will always be at the forefront of our business and we genuinely feel clients’ success is our biggest reward.

To the Kilimanjaro Team

None of our achievements are possible without our incredibly hard-working team. From sales and marketing through to guidance, consultancy, implementation and support, their work is the reason we have achieved MYOB Diamond Partner status for 4 years in a row. Congratulations and thank you to the entire tribe for all your dedication towards every client. Most importantly, a huge thank you to our amazing clients for another great year of success, patience and trust in Kilimanjaro.

Looking for a trusted MYOB partner?

Kilimanjaro is proud to share with our clients the success we have worked so hard to achieve. Our approach is to engage our customers as long-life partners. Embarking on the implementation journey together and staying together all the way to the end. Choosing an implementation partner is tricky, and it is important you understand the different risks involved. For more information, visit our blog post here. In order to be transparent and honest with everyone we speak with, we have created a post on “What to expect from your enterprise partner”. As an MYOB Diamond Partner for the fourth year running, our promise is to make our clients feel confident in safe, trusted hands.