Posted on: Wednesday September 05th, 2018

Author: Kilimanjaro Consulting

Where are we now?

The Kilimanjaro Tribe had the pleasure of getting together for our 9th Annual Summit to discuss the company outlook and vision. This allows each team to set clear goals to achieve in the upcoming financial year. Over 70 clever Sherpas got together on the 4th of August to meet at the Intercontinental Hotel in Double Bay. The tribe had the chance to network with one another and engage in collaborative workshops that encourage teamwork. We also workshopped strategies to maintain long-term relationships with clients. After all, we pride ourselves on being farmers, not hunters! Last year Kilimanjaro achieved growth of around (17%). We not only expanded the number of teams and employees within them, but we also increased the number of offices and locations. During this year’s Summit, the entire team from all over Australia and New Zealand had the opportunity to get together.

The 9th Annual Summit was inspired by company values created at the beginning of Kilimanjaro’s journey in 2006. Kilimanjaro truly believes that each team member makes the company unique and successful. This is highlighted every year at the summit. One of the core values states, “Our people are our biggest asset”. This is why it is so important for the Kilimanjaro management team to create an environment where each and every individual has the ability to work collaboratively and learn one from another.

Where are we going?

Kilimanjaro Summit

As we enter a new financial year, the summit was the time to reflect. Not only on what we have achieved but also highlighting areas for improvement. At Kilimanjaro, we are always aiming to “Sharpen the Spear”. The 2017-2018 was a year of many successes. We retained MYOB ’s highest recognition by remaining MYOB’s Number One Partner as well as retaining the status of Diamond Partner. Additionally, we celebrated the incredible milestone of being awarded MYOB Business Development Partner for the 7th consecutive year, just to name a few.

The company has grown to a team of over 70 amazing specialists which has led to an overall improvement with our customer satisfaction. While we congratulate the whole tribe on their efforts, we continue to look forward through innovative thinking to plan how we can maintain the highest quality of service for our clients. During the summit workshops, each team member was able to voice their individual opinions and be involved in the growth of the company.

Special Guest Speaker

Every year we are fortunate to have a  special guest speaker. The one thing our speakers have in common is the importance of culture and teamwork. This is something that Kilimanjaro is proud to support. This year, we were privileged with acclaimed author Andrew O’ Keefe. Andrew is the author of ‘Hardwired Humans’ and ‘The Boss’. His experience comes from his history within large organizations.  Andrew has also studied chimps from Gombe, Tanzania and at Tarango Zoo. We had the pleasure of hearing his ideas on leadership and his understanding of the nine instincts that still drive human behaviour.

Andrews research was both engaging and inspiring for the whole tribe. Now we can understand how social behaviour affects human psychology and use this to benefit our everyday office lives.

Overall, the summit was another amazing day. Kilimanjaro Consulting were able to engage in team building, reflection and planning for the highest levels of service for our clients in the future.