Posted on: Wednesday August 10th, 2016

Author: Kilimanjaro Consulting

This question recently appeared on the LinkedIn MYOB EXO User Group:

“I am looking to update the supplier description & pricing in the Alternate Suppliers / Stock Codes. When I try and do it from a Quick Insert Table, it does not allow duplicate records. What is the best way to update this table from an excel list? What should my setting be?”

Kilimanjaro’s Client Services team had the following advice for the query:

“The reason you can’t have duplicated records is because EXO will only allow you to have 1 combination of ‘Stock Code, Supplier Stockcode and Pack Quantity”‘.

You should be able to do this by Quick Insert, just check that when you have the Quick Insert Template Options window open, you have the ‘Update existing records’ field ticked as highlighted below.”

Alternate Suppliers and Stock Codes