Posted on: Friday May 08th, 2015

Author: Kilimanjaro Consulting

Kilimanjaro utilises GoToMeeting® to host online meetings with up to fifteen people. We use the technology to reach contacts in remote or interstate locations, saving both time and money for Kilimanjaro, our clients, and our prospective clients.

GoToMeeting® is only one example of the way we help improve efficiencies through technology. We have been developing an account with GoToTraining® in order to provide training, webinars and conferences to a broader range of our clients. GoToTraining® allows Kilimanjaro to easily broadcast webinars, meetings and training courses to as as many as 25 remote users.

What’s even better is that these online meetings can be joined instantaneously from multiple sources; MAC®, PC, iPad® , iPhone® and Android devices are all compatible.

By using these web conferencing tools, Kilimanjaro ensures that we can consult from anywhere, at any time that is convenient for our clients and prospects.

Typically, a GoToMeeting® or GoToTraining® would follow one of the two following options:

1. An email will be sent detailing your meeting/training and the link you need to follow to attend your session. The email will also include a unique Meeting ID code and an optional phone number if you would like to call in instead of listening via a computer

2. The Kilimanjaro team member will advise you to visit the GoToMeeting®/GoToTraining® page directly and enter the unique Meeting ID