Posted on: Tuesday October 01st, 2013

Author: Kiki

Error Connecting To Exo


Is this how you feel when you receive the above “Account is Locked” error message?

Before you contemplate the latter, rest assured that 99.99% of the time, it comes down to two basic reasons:

  1. You have incorrectly entered your password one too many times (99%)
  2. Someone has manually changed the status of your account to locked or your password has expired (0.99%)

The fix is even more basic.

You first need to locate someone in your organisation that has admin permissions in Exo. [Of course, first, make sure that your access has not been cancelled for a legitimate reason].

Once they have logged in, simply ask them to follow the below steps:

  1.  Select Setup>Setup Staff
  2. Double click on your User account
    a. To reset your password, click “Change Password,” follow the prompts and change the expiry date
    b. To remove the “Account Locked” error message, on the Account Status: drop-down list, select Account OK
  3. Click Save

You can then log into Exo using your User account without receiving the Account Locked error message.

Setup Staff - Admin


Calm and relaxed, you can now continue working.

Has this helped you? Please feel free to provide us any feedback so we can assist you further. Or, if there are any other tips or hints you would like us to cover, contact us at [email protected]