Posted on: Friday July 13th, 2012

Author: Xing

When I issue new licenses to our clients, there is always a whitepaper attached showing the clients exactly how to install the new licenses.

Today, I received two e-mails from two different clients about license renewals, almost at the exact same time. One was very happy as she managed to install the new licenses on her own by following the instructions in the whitepaper. Everything worked out perfectly.

However, the other client called back as she couldn’t get it right and the new registrations was displayed in red text, which was incorrect. I ran a LogMeIn session with her and just talked her through the steps listed in the whitepaper. The problem was that she didn’t change the expiry date to the new date. So, it was a very easy fix.

This is just one example of how we can provide satisfying service to different clients. Sometimes things can work out differently through an alternative approach. Some clients with a strong technical background would appreciate some simple and clear instructions such as whitepapers and they can work it out on their own. On the other hand, some clients may need more hand holding and would appreciate a quick phone call. Although we may have procedures which work 99.9% of the time, it is still worthwhile to keep in mind that sometimes the obvious solution may not be obvious to some clients.

I have listed below some key points that some clients may get confused about when they install their new licenses.

  • For version 618X and lower, EXO license keys are usually 10 digits.
  • For version 619X and 6200, EXO license keys are usually starting with A plus 13 digits.
  • For version 7 onwards, EXO license keys are usually starting with B plus 13 digits.
  • Version 7 and 8 licenses are compatible
  •  When installing the new licenses, make sure the Company Name and Child Company Names are exactly the same as the new ones MYOB uses. Usually they are the same as the existing ones in config. However, it can be changed when MYOB issue the new licenses. For example, P/L has been changed to Pty Ltd etc.
  • Make sure you change the registration keys and the expiry date to the new ones. And the user number is also correct.

I hope these handy tips will be helpful if you get stuck installing your new licenses!