Posted on: Tuesday August 27th, 2013

Author: Quintin

Imagine yourself at the foot of a mountain, the daunting task of reaching the top looming before you. You have never done any mountaineering and are unfamiliar with the equipment you need or how to use it. How successful will you be in reaching the top? You might reach the top. Eventually. After a lot of frustrations and moments where you felt like throwing in your ropes and picks.

Now imagine taking on this task, knowing exactly what to expect; what climbing equipment you need and how to use them. Suddenly the task doesn’t feel like a disaster waiting to happen, but an adventure you can’t wait to get started with.

Similarly, when implementing any new system, training is essential to a successful deployment. If your staff aren’t trained on how to use the new system, or their training was incomplete, it could result in mistakes being made; vital process steps being missed. This could result in a loss of revenue, making you question your decision to implement the system in the first place.

That is why, at Kilimanjaro Consulting, providing our clients with the right training is very important to us. In addition to onsite training provided during the implementation, we also run training courses in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, and as of September 2013, Canberra.

Our popular EXO Business Headstart course provides new clients and users new to the system with a sound introduction to the features and processes in EXO Business. This course is highly recommended to supplement any onsite training provided on customisation that have been done on your system. For those that prefer looking at data rather than the business flow, our three EXO Clarity courses (Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced) provides an excellent introduction to the EXO Clarity report writing tool, as well as teaching you how to get the most out of reports. The Business Tools course is aimed at the EXO Busines super user that wants to make use of additional features available in the system.

Recently, we introduced two new courses on EXO Payroll. The Beginner’s Payroll course is ideal for those that are new to EXO Payroll. It covers the important aspects of running a payroll: paying employees. In October 2013, we will also introduce a third course on EXO Payroll: Advanced Payroll Administration. This course will be aimed at the super payroll user that wants to make use of the advanced features of EXO Payroll and be confident in maintaining key areas of the system.

Just like preparing to scale a mountain, continuous training is vital to success. At Kilimanjaro Consulting we recognise this and are in the process of developing several new courses, including Job Costing, CRM and several other popular EXO Business modules. If you want to keep up to date on training, and are not already on our mailing list, contact our training team at [email protected]. Up-to-date information on our courses, dates and locations are also available on our website.

So, as you stand at the base of the mountain, are you ready to start your adventure knowing you have completed all the training you need to be successful?