Posted on: Wednesday September 05th, 2012

Author: Kilimanjaro Consulting

Here is what Heena said about her first Kilimanjaro Summit

“Initially I thought it was all work-related but there were lots of games to enjoy. I liked the card system where everyone can share their input – both good and bad – and that Kilimanjaro values all of them! I got to know and speak to all the different members of Kilimanjaro. It was unfortunate that I missed dinner!”


Here is what Joli, the life of the Kilimanjaro dinner, said about his first Kilimanjaro Summit

“It was nice to know the company story and concept. It has motivated me to become a better Sherpa. I enjoyed Ronnie’s farmer terminology and Jason’s soccer terminology. If tribe members are happy, we can work as a team to solve problems more easily which results in happy clients. Throughout the Summit – the event, games and dinner – we have become closer members. Maybe extend the Summit to two days…?”


Here is what Julia, the always happy and bubbly Payroll Clan member, said about her first Kilimanjaro Summit

“Working on a Saturday!! Oh joy! I was up early and on my way. We started the summit and a day of work was ahead of us. However, it was not all work- there was plenty of play as well. What amazed me most was the team spirit that everyone had and by the end of the day, I really felt that this was my company and not just somewhere that I went to work every day. Thank you Kilimanjaro, thank you to all my colleagues, I had a great weekend!”

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