Why MYOB EXO Business for Stock Control?

Learn about the key benefits of MYOB EXO's stock functionality

The Stock Control capability in EXO Business is perfectly suited to organisations that manage/require:

  • A large number of users across multiple locations
  • Advanced stock management across multiple warehouse locations
  • Fully integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Importing of stock from overseas suppliers
  • Assembly of goods
  • High volume of transactions

The core module of EXO Business – EXO Finance has powerful stock control and distribution features providing full visibility and management of each and every stock movement, from customer order and stock purchase right through to delivery – transforming your logistics area into a source of customer service excellence.

Some of the key benefits of EXO Business in managing stock and distribution includes benefits that reach across the entire organisation are:

  • Complete Stock Visibility – see up to the minute stock information across the whole company. Your sales, admin and warehouse will all be able to see live stock values across every location including actual, ordered, on order and committed stock levels.
  • Customised reporting – By clients, products, order histories and more. See what’s selling and what’s not, allowing you to act quickly to your clients changing needs. When they sell and use that to plan for market changes and seasonality reducing the over purchasing of stock.
  • Ability to set individual pricing policies – All of your clients are unique and often have unique discounts. EXO Business allows you to set these discounts per product, by groups, bulk discounts or order type. This helps take away those associated headaches of managing price lists.
  • A SQL Database – means that EXO Business can be customised to integrate with industry specific solutions like call centre software, scan packing and barcoding, distribution and logistics, EDI and much more.
  • Multicurrency management – Manage foreign transactions, exchange rates, tax and multiple currencies through one system, including calculating landed costs giving a true cost per item of stock.
  • Managing profitability in real time – With the Stock Control Capability your cost per item information is always up to date to the last transaction. This makes it easier to clearly see the budget, the current profitability and the expected profitability of any item – at any time. MYOB EXO Business clients who use the stock capability report tighter cost control, increased visibility of profitability of items, less wasted stock


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