7 ways to win with Exo Payroll

How to get the most out of your EXO Payroll system

If you are running MYOB Exo Payroll, read these 7 Sherpa’s Secrets from one of our Payroll consultants, Julia. If you are not yet running MYOB Exo Payroll, contact our sales team to discuss the real benefits of our integrated MYOB Exo system.

1. One off pay

If you have closed your current run and an employee comes back to you saying they haven’t been paid some allowances, do not panic. Simply open a one off pay for that employee, no problem.

2. Leave Balances Report

The leave balance on the Leave Balances Report is current. Remember to print the report before you close your payroll to keep a running history.

3. Banking

Remember you can do multiple banking for your employees.

4. Short Pay

When a salaried employee is not being paid a full month, create an allowance called Short Pay and put the value in as a negative. This is neater than changing his/her salary.

5. Fringe Benefits

The Fringe Benefit year ends 31 March. Do a one-off pay to put in any fringe benefits. Be sure to check that the period dates and physical pay dates do not exceed 31 March as the fringe benefits will not print on the group certificates.

6. Payroll Tax Report Not Balancing

Check that the cost centres are correctly allocated to the correct state and that the employees have been costed to the right cost centres. Also check that all earnings, allowances and even employer super have the correct liabilities ticked.

 7. Unable to post in MYOB Exo Business

If a client who has always been able to post to Exo Business is suddenly unable to do so, you may find that an update has been done or changes have been made to their profile. As this is a rights issue, just run Network.exe as administrator and it will normally fix the problem.


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