Why is there a need to review your ERP system setup?

When it comes to implementing an ERP system,  there are some set constraints that are considered during the implementation process. They include, but are not limited to:

  • Existing technology
  • Existing ERP functionality
  • Business processes
  • Business goals

The above areas may only be constraints at the time of implementation and will change as the months and years pass. Your business model or goals may change. Technology is constantly in flux, which means we are provided with more tools to help your business. And finally, your ERP product changes over time in terms of functionality. This last year has seen a massive increase in the release of new features, new modules and issues resolved in the later version 8 series released by the MYOB Enterprise Division for MYOB Exo.

Business Process Improvement in your ERP System

A strong business model means taking a good, hard look at business processes to assess whether they could be improved. Usually, the answer is yes. Best practice standards, technology and the business environment are always changing. This means there is always an opportunity to take advantage of these changes.

The question then arises “How can I take advantage of these technology changes, product enhancements or shifts in business models ?”

Well, one of Kilimanjaro’s key areas of service is in Business Process Improvement. Business Process Improvement (BPI) is defined (according to Wikipedia) as a “systematic approach to help an organisation optimize its underlying processes to achieve more efficient results.” Kilimanjaro Consulting embed “optimized processes” and “business goals” into company-wide systems, achieved through the use of clever, innovative and proven technologies.

Our BPI objective is to review existing processes, reporting and data flows in order to design an effective approach to rollout improvements to the way your business utilises its ERP software. Of course, the ultimate aim is to improve efficiency within the organization. Kilimanjaro use a specific, tried-and-tested methodology for BPI. Our approach is designed to ensure that our clients’ businesses utilise the MYOB Exo software to its fullest capacity.

If you would like to learn how Kilimanjaro can help your business achieve better business practices in your ERP, please contact sales@k-c.com.au.


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