LogMeIn® | Remote Access to Desktops

A quick and effective way that we can provide support to our clients.

Kilimanjaro frequently uses LogMeIn® solutions when providing support services to our clients. The system allows remote control access, file sharing, systems management, data backup and most importantly real-time client support.

Our Support team use LogMeIn® as a quick, efficient and effective way of providing support to our clients. By using a simple process, Support members can remote in to our client’s PC or Mac to assist in training and troubleshooting. By having access to the user’s computer, the Support team are better able to clarify the issue and find a solution.

Better still, by watching the way users interact with MYOB EXO, Support are given the opportunity to understand the issue in the client’s specific environment.

If a Support team member suggests a LogMeIn® session, they will run through the following instructions with you:

1. Open your web browser
2. Go to www.logmein123.com


3. You will be provided with a unique 6 digit pin by the Kilimanjaro team member
4. Enter your unique pin and click ‘Connect to Technician’


5. A pop-up will appear asking you to either ‘Run’ or ‘Save’. Click ‘Run’
6. A second pop-up will appear. Click ‘Run’ again


7. A third pop-up will appear informing you that you are connected to the Kilimanjaro team member
8. The final prompt will ask you to allow permission for the Kilimanjaro team member to click and access your screen


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