Why you should consider Business Process Improvement

Your business may be in the perfect position to streamline your processes, improve your efficiency and get more from your Exo system

What is Business Process Improvement?

All indications are that our economy is strengthening, and growth is at last happening. This is the perfect time to streamline your processes, improve your efficiency and get more from your MYOB Exo or MYOB Advanced system

Business Process Improvement (BPI) is a concept that we’ve embraced at Kilimanjaro.  BPI embodies one of our Golden Rules: ‘sharpen the spear’. Internal and external factors are constantly changing and your business needs to be in a position to address these challenges. You may find that your core business changes its focus, moves in a new direction or simply needs to keep up with new technologies. Although your MYOB system may have been doing the job up until this point, there are many more efficiencies that you can achieve with a bit of help from our skilled consultants.

What are the benefits of Business Process Improvement?

Your Database, Systems and Procedures

  • Your company’s vision and goals will be documented and used to identify and plan for new systems to be implemented. By recognising your vision and goals, we can help you put a plan in place to achieve those milestones
  • Your current MYOB Exo environment will be standardized and we will provide you with a well-engineered, robust and user-friendly model that can be easily maintained and supported. By getting the foundations right, you will be well prepared for future growth
  • Business transparency will be improved across all branches of your business
  • Your database will be maintained
  • We will assist you in documenting your business policies and procedures
  • We will review the setup of existing Exo modules that your business is currently using
  • We will identify any other Exo modules that may be useful for your business

 Reporting and Management Reporting

  • Reporting is a large part of the Business Process Improvement audit. In order for your business to grow, it is important that key stakeholders have access to accurate, real-time reports.
  • In addition to utilizing the Clarity Report Writer, there are other robust reporting tools available, including:
    • Microsoft Excel
    • SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) which allows users with an Internet connection and appropriate permission the ability to obtain real-time information about the business
    • One of the connected services Business Intelligence platforms that may benefit your team

Other Benefits

  • We will add new functionality quickly and efficiently to all areas of the business
  • We will review and strengthen security around your current system
  • We will show you how to maximise your use of core Exo reporting functions including Analytics, Widgets and Dashboards
  • We can configure key reports (including Sales Alerts, Margin Exceptions and Customer Prompts) to arrive in your inbox or be displayed at login
  • We will identify potential Connected Services products that may suit your specific business requirements

What is Kilimanjaro’s approach to Business Process Improvement?

Our proposed approach to Business Process Improvement is to work with various teams within your organization to develop a full and integrated understanding of your system.

Our approach to Business Process Improvement covers four main stages:

  1. Onsite Visit
  2. Document our recommendations and findings based on the site visit
  3. Prioritise recommendations and present our findings
  4. Action and implement changes

Stage 1: Onsite Visit

One of the golden rules at Kilimanjaro is that ‘1+1 = 3’ and we believe that collaboration and a team approach is important when engaging in a Business Process Improvement visit. Depending on the extent of the Business Process Improvement process, the onsite visit may require collaboration from 1 or more consultants so that we can develop a strong understanding of how your system is currently working and how it could be improved.

Stage 2: Recommendations

The recommendations that we provide are based on industry best practice, and our years of experience of implementing MYOB Exo across a variety of industries. Our recommendations are not strictly limited to system changes, but may apply to system-wide processes too. The scope of our recommendations will vary from one client to another, so we will establish your requirements at the beginning of the process.

Stage 3: Prioritize and Budget

Our approach to Business Process Improvement has worked well with many of our clients, and we believe Stage 3 plays a large role in this success. One advantage of our methodology is that after Stage 2: Recommendations, you will have the opportunity to assess which recommendations you would like to move forward with. This allows your business to prioritise the “must-haves” over the “nice-to-haves” and means that you are in complete control of your budget.

Stage 4: Action and Implement Changes

Once you have chosen a list of priorities, we will action and implement the changes that your business requires as per Kilimanjaro’s unique Project Implementation Methodology.

What next?

If you think your business may benefit from Business Process Improvement, please get in touch with our team today for an open discussion about your requirements and how we can help you achieve your business goals.

You can contact us by filling in the form below, e-mailing insidesales@k-c.com.au or calling our team on 1300 857 464.


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