5 Reasons Why You Can’t Miss the MYOB Exo User Group Forum

Find out how to maintain a successful business through digital transformation and insights into MYOB Exo.

Our MYOB Exo User Group Forum will be kicking off its 5-city roadshow across Australia and New Zealand. Attendees can look forward to expert insights and exciting panel sessions on new and existing MYOB Exo features. The Forum runs twice a year, and we make sure you get the most out of your current system and are aware of new trends. If you are an Exo User who still has doubts, read the 5 reasons why you can’t miss our MYOB Exo User Group Forum

Update Your Knowledge about MYOB Exo

If you are using MYOB Exo software, this forum will be a great opportunity to learn new features and exchange your knowledge with other users. MYOB is constantly working on improving customer satisfaction and our job is to show you how to get the most out of the new features. For those who are long-term Exo Users, you will have the benefit of learning about the latest versions to ensure your business stays up to date.

Learn New Trends

Our User Group forum agenda includes interesting information about market trends. Kilimanjaro provides you with stimulating and insightful analysis, tailored to the medium-sized businesses in our client base. The forum incorporates two guest speakers from our Connected Services portfolio: Netstock and Phocas. Our speakers will be focussing on the best practices around everything from Business Transformation to Metrics that Matter. The forum will also feature two very special guests from NAB in Sydney and Melbourne, discussing the economic forecast, indicators and business impact of 2018.

Meet the Kilimanjaro Team

Kilimanjaro supports over 900 clients all year round, dealing with over 1000 support cases each month. It is an understatement to say that the support team can get extremely busy. The User Group Forum gives you the opportunity to engage with our team and our guest speakers in an interactive environment.

Located Near You

Each year our MYOB Exo User Group Forum grows larger. Our aim is to make it as convenient as possible for our clients, so we have expanded to 5 different locations across Australia and New Zealand. We welcome all businesses from Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Perth or Auckland to take advantage of this great opportunity!

Free for all MYOB Exo Users!

This is the only MYOB Exo User Group Forum available free to all MYOB Exo Users. All you need to do is register now before spots fill up and we will take care of the rest.

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