Kilimanjaro Consulting partners with BI4Cloud

Affordable Business Intelligence software accessible at your fingertips

Kilimanjaro Consulting is Australia’s largest and most experienced implementer of MYOB Enterprise Solutions for MYOB Exo and MYOB Advanced. We guide customers through software selection, implementation and provide ongoing support.

The core purpose of  Kilimanjaro is to improve efficiency in businesses through the clever use of creative, innovative and proven technology. Kilimanjaro is constantly seeking technical innovations in the ERP space. Supporting customers through better technical integrations, a more unified support experience and a more focused account management approach.

Business Intelligence

At Kilimanjaro, we believe that for a business to be successful in a competitive market, there is a need for smart decisions based on real-time numbers. Business Intelligence (BI) systems have revolutionised the way business owners and management teams understand, analyse and run their businesses through the clever use of data.

BI4Cloud joins Kilimanjaro’s Product Portfolio

A recent addition to Kilimanjaro’s connected services is a system that offers clients affordable business reporting in the cloud. Business Intelligence empowers businesses to discover trends and deal with issues directly.  Implementation of BI4 Cloud means MYOB Exo users can discover the full potential of the software quickly. The system includes over 60 template reports that you can tweak, export to Excel, share and email. We are confident that the scalability and flexible nature of the software will bring endless benefits for companies; seeking the right information, at the right time.

To read more about BI4Cloud possibilities visit the BI4Cloud page.

“Kilimanjaro recognises the importance of workplace transformation and the fact that companies are facing new and challenging requirements. Data has never been as important. Often business decision must be made quickly. We are delighted to offer this trusted Business Intelligence software to support our clients when making critical decisions.” Stephen Friend – National Manager: Strategic Account Management & Connected Services

“At BI4Cloud we understand how important data is. This is why we deliver Business intelligence solutions that easily integrate with MYOB Exo focusing on the most important facts and figures. This is delivered in an easy and understandable way to help businesses make better and more informed decisions. We are looking forward to supporting Kilimanjaro clients on their journey to greater data access.” – Jennifer Kelly, Director, BI4 Cloud


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