MYOB Exo User Group Forum – Sept / Oct 2018 Summary

If you missed out....

Each year Kilimanjaro,  together with Enprise Solutions,  run two MYOB Exo User Group Forums at 5 different venues. The User Group Forums are a chance for us to invite all MYOB Exo users to join us for a half-day seminar and discuss the most relevant and current business matters.

Our goal is not only to share with the audience our extensive knowledge around MYOB Exo, but this round we aimed at giving the Exo users a chance to engage with one another and share their experiences in order to learn and gain more from their system. October marks the end of our User Group Forums for 2018 following our visits to locations in Perth, Melbourne, Auckland, Canberra and Sydney.


This round of MYOB Exo User Group Forums, the theme was around Transforming the mid-market. The theme was inspired by MYOB’s 2018 Transforming the mid-market report which included interviews with 276 bigger businesses in Australia and highlighted their surprisingly significant impact on the economy. The User Group Forum also featured a special guest from MYOB who shared insightful information about MYOB’s employee engagement process. You can access the mid-market report here.

Special Guest Speaker

While the user groups are aimed at MYOB Exo users, the content is designed to provide relevant business management information across a range of topics. Our guest speakers are selected to benefit your business. For our September – October sessions this year, we were honoured to hear from Chief Employee Experience Officer at MYOB, Helen Lea. Helen’s career spans a variety of organisations from banking to consumer goods. She has a master’s degree in Organisational Psychology and is a registered Organisational Psychologist and a Fellow of the Australian Human Resources Institute. Helen shared a thoughtful and perceptive presentation about one of the biggest challenges of businesses today, finding the right talent for your business, and retaining that talent. Helen delved into employee experience and how you can achieve success through critical factors including talent acquisition, early experience and building capacity when employing staff and building a team. We understand the importance of challenges of the recruitment and therefore we also recommend reading the series of articles which include many useful tips for your business.

Challenges of Recruiting in a Growing Business Part 1

Challenges of Recruiting in a Growing Business Part 2

Challenges of Recruiting in a Growing Business Part 3

MYOB Exo Features and Updates

If you have attended any of our forums,  you may have heard that we recommend that our MYOB Exo users should update their software every 12 to 18 months. Every new release brings new functionality which we talk about during these sessions,  but that is not all. MYOB Exo users can also extend the functionality by bringing onboard third-party products to cover specific business areas which need improvement. Here at Kilimanjaro, we test and make sure the products we recommend are clever, innovative and proven. If you have missed our forum this time, you can simply reach out for more information on our website or talk to our Strategic Account Management and Connected Services Team.

See you all in early 2019!


We want to thank all the MYOB Exo users who came along to our seminars in any of the five locations. We are glad to have introduced a new and exciting format that encouraged the audience to engage with one another and discuss personal Exo experiences and feedback. We couldn’t do it without all of your contributions.

The next MYOB Exo User Group Forums are scheduled for February – March 2019. Keep an eye out for our newsletters which will have all the details around the theme, registration details and dates. This is an opportunity open to any MYOB Exo user who wants to learn, engage, grow, and succeed.


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