MYOB Advanced – How moving to the cloud allowed Soul Origin to grow

Another successful implementation by Kilimanjaro Consulting

At Kilimanjaro Consulting, it is important that clients feel they are in safe, trusted hands as we help them achieve productivity and growth. Our mission is to improve efficiency in businesses through the clever use of creative, innovative and proven technology. Recently, we implemented MYOB Advanced for Soul Origin, who are going through fast-paced growth that became impossible to manage with their existing accounting software.

Who is Soul Origin?

Soul Origin is Australia’s fastest-growing fresh food franchise. Offering healthy fast food options for all Australians, with salads and sandwiches being made fresh, daily. They bring high-quality meals with a trendy café vibe to shopping centres across Australia. With a “made today sold today” motto, Soul Origin has to manage a very quick turn over from the kitchen to distributors nationwide. In just 5 years Soul Origin has expanded from 3 to 70 stores. A franchise like this, growing at such a rapid rate meant there needed to be changed in how they were managing their business operations.

Room for Improvement

Soul Origin already has a significant number of franchisees with plans to continue expanding. They needed software that was going to give them access to accounting and payroll data and simplify their financials. This is where MYOB AccountRight could help. It was able to meet the reporting and payroll requirements of the franchisees without any limiting features. Then, by bringing MYOB Advanced in, they were gain the advantages of working with nationwide visibility across the franchise operations. Now Soul Origin has the best of both worlds, with the ease of accounting and access 24/7, this allows them to make decisions as fast as humanly possible. CEO Chris Mavris is proud that his franchisees are like family. This is why it is important that there is a reliable system in place to promote efficiency by reducing unnecessary manual work. At the same time, the new systems allow the workers to concentrate on what matters in the business: growth.

MYOB Advanced – A Cloud-Based Solution

MYOB Advanced is an easy to use, web-based product, making it accessible to users anywhere and anytime. It is the perfect software for businesses wanting the benefits of working in the cloud. Being a franchise operation, it is important that everyone has the same view of the business across the country, instantaneously. This is why MYOB Advanced was the perfect fit for Soul Origin. A cloud-based solution was able to give franchisees the ability to make quick decisions and allow business growth while simultaneously allowing them to identify any issues thanks to real-time information. In essence, MYOB Advanced has given Soul Origin real-time visibility of performance, superior analytics and the time they needed to focus on their customers.

A Successful Implementation

Every ERP implementation must have a structured, methodological approach in order to get the most out of the system. However, there are two crucial factors that will affect a successful implementation. Firstly, the implementation team must understand the unique business needs and second, the organisation must commit to change. This is why the implementation at Soul Origin was so successful. The transformation from using basic accounting software to having an integrated ERP solution helped Soul Origin advance to the next level. Every franchise is now being assisted equally and management has a single view over the entire company, allowing them to make smarter and faster decisions.

You are in Safe Hands

At Kilimanjaro, we understand all business are unique and need different approaches when implementing ERP software. Our structured methodology combined with skills in accounting, strategic planning and business help us to understand your business first. Our record of successful implementations shows that we are well equipped to replicate this process in any business. We are proud to be MYOB’s Number One Partner and are here to help you maximise your business potential. Remember that when choosing your software, you do have a choice of implementers and it is best to consider all factors before making your decision.

To read the whole case study of Soul Origin, please visit our page here or download the PDF below.


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