Enhanced Simplypaid

Now available for online payments!

Users of the fully integrated financial and business management system, MYOB Exo who use ezyCollect and its online payments hub, Simplypaid, can supercharge their collections with an enhanced ‘Pay Now’ button on their invoices or statements. This new feature enables your debtors to pay a bulk selection of open invoices after clicking Pay Now from a single invoice or statement. Simplypaid allows your customers to settle invoices in the most convenient way. Overall, the easier it is to pay you, the quicker the funds roll in.

Where previously the ‘Pay Now’ prompt on an invoice allowed debtors to complete a credit card payment for that invoice only, now debtors click and enter a portal housing all of their open invoices. From here, they can bulk pay all their invoices in a single credit card payment.

The upgraded Pay Now button benefits both you and your debtors.

The benefits for you:

  • All open invoices are displayed – debtors see alerts on the ones that are overdue
  • Prompts debtors to pay multiple invoices in a single transaction
  • Less administration time as payments are collected in bulk

The benefits for your debtors:

  • The convenience of a 24/7 self-service checkout
  • Send invoice queries from within the portal
  • See a record of their transaction history with you

Kilimanjaro Consulting only partners with the most trusted third party providers. To see the full list of the connected services we recommend for MYOB Exo users, visit our page here.

Prior to finding suitable add-on products for your business, we encourage you to have a non-obligatory chat with a consultant from our Strategic Account Management & Connected Services Team (SAMACS). The SAMACS team supports Kilimanjaro clients in their efforts to transform and grow by identifying the best solutions and services for clients. To try the new Simplypaid features at no charge for 30 days, please call on on 1300 857 464 or email our connected services team.


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