MYOB Advanced and 2-Factor Authentication

Bolstering security of your cloud ERP platform

MYOB Advanced users can access the software, anytime, anywhere. Mobility is one of the software’s biggest advantages. Being cloud-based, security and data privacy is a risk and mitigating this risk is MYOB’s number one priority. MYOB has taken security up a notch in MYOB Advanced (powered by Acumatica) by introducing Two Factor Authentication (2FA).

What is 2FA in MYOB Advanced?

Most accounts rely solely on passwords. In today’s world, we know that passwords have the risk of being stolen. Accounts can be hacked, meaning bank account details or customer details could be at risk.

2FA means that logging in to the software will require two things: something you know and something you have. For example, your usual password and a code supplied to your phone. Upon sign in to MYOB Advanced using your password, you will then be prompted for a unique verification code. An app on your phone generates a code, providing the second level of verification prior to allowing users access to the system.

Working from a trusted device

When working from a trusted device, you can choose to trust the device for either 12 hours or 30 days. During that time, you will only be asked for your username and password.

This will still provide a secure environment as any attempts to sign in from another device or browser will activate 2FA and trigger a verification code confirmation.

How do I activate 2FA in MYOB Advanced?

By December 31st, 2018, 2FA will be mandatory for every site. All users will need to go through a simple and guided registration process to activate 2FA and choose the preferred method for second level authentication, either using mobile App or email.

To begin using 2FA, visit MYOB’s step-by-step guide by clicking here.

Alternatively, contact our MYOB Advanced support team by calling 1300 857 464 for assistance.


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