Highlights from the MYOB Exo User Groups

Held in Sept-Oct 2019

The MYOB Exo User Groups are a great chance for MYOB Exo users to get together and an opportunity for anyone researching an ERP system for a more complex business. The team at Kilimanjaro Consulting support initiatives that encourage thought leadership ideas to improve efficiency in businesses. For that reason, we are proud to be a major sponsor of the bi-annual MYOB Exo User Groups.

These half-day events were held during September and October, in Perth, Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney and Auckland NZ. The events are extremely valuable. They guide users to maximise the software’s potential and ultimately assist businesses to improve efficiency.

Missed out? Here are some key takeaways from the Sept-Oct 2019 events.

1. Project Tokyo – MYOB’s commitment to the ongoing development of MYOB Exo

As an MYOB Exo user, you want to have the assurance that your software is going to be future proof. This is exactly what Project Tokyo provides. Project Tokyo is the culmination of nearly 18 months of effort at MYOB to ensure the product is positions well for the next phase of both software functionality and evolution. Therefore, this project has strengthened the foundations of MYOB Exo, with a focus on the data security, stability, future-proofing and ease of deployment.

As a part of this development, MYOB has upgraded and rationalised both the development platform and its components. This rationalisation will hugely increase productivity within the MYOB software development teams, increasing the velocity of product delivery, as well as the quality.

2. e-Invoicing and reducing laborious manual processes

The e-Invoicing initiative announcement by the Australian and New Zealand governments in February 2019 is an exciting initiative estimated to save businesses approximately $30 billion in transaction costs in the first 10 years.

As a government-sponsored initiative, we can expect grassroots support from a range of ERP and accounting systems vendors. A world with significantly less manual data entry and paper is something we can all celebrate. MYOB Exo is well suited to comply with this new initiative, once it gets going. Therefore, we look forward to the efficiencies and additional value this will bring all MYOB Exo users.

The desire for efficiency was a consistent theme across the User Groups, with many success stories focusing on automation and integration. Any manual processes in place within a business presents an opportunity for Business Process Improvement.

3. The importance of MYOB Exo upgrades

MYOB regularly releases updates to MYOB Exo so that users can benefit from improved functionality and bug fixes. Upgrading is an easy way to improve efficiency in your business. Though an upgrade may seem like a costly and disruptive exercise with little benefit, we encourage our clients to upgrade for compatibility, added functionality, and consistent training to improve user experience. All users are already paying an annual license fee, and the only additional cost to the upgrade is the consulting. To find out more about the importance of upgrading, visit our page here.

4. Ensuring MYOB Exo evolves with your business

A common theme at the MYOB Exo User Groups was the number of users who had insufficient training or handover. As a result, there is a significant degradation of knowledge and efficiency, leading to frustration for users. We highly recommend ongoing training for new staff to ensure that they are utilising MYOB Exo to its utmost capability.

Kilimanjaro provides both onsite and classroom-based training to fit every business’s individual requirements. To find out more about our range of Training alternatives, check out our training options here.

If your business is evolving, consider engaging Kilimanjaro for a business process improvement project. Kilimanjaro’s Business Process Improvement methodology begins with an on-site visit to ensure a collaborative approach and to identify your own goals and objectives. We always use industry best practice when putting process improvements in place.

We can advise on add-on products (Connected Services) that can be integrated with your MYOB Exo system to ensure your processes are being completed efficiently. Here is a list of add-on products that have tailored functionality for specific business needs. Give us a call on 1300 857 464 to discuss your businesses needs.

Above all, the MYOB Exo User Groups are a chance for the MYOB Experts to share their insights and to keep you informed about updates, features and business process improvement news. Don’t miss out on these valuable, free events. The next round of User Groups is coming up in February-April 2020. Make sure you receive our exclusive early invitations by subscribing to our newsletter. For any other queries, make sure to get in touch with your trusted advisors, contact us here.

If you have any enquiries please call us on 1300 857 464 or email us at support@k-c.com.au.

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