Can your customers pay when they want?

Give customers the flexibility to pay you how and when they want!

Payments made over the phone are time consuming, not only for your customers but for your staff as well, and they are dependent on you always being available to answer the phone. This can mean payments are avoided, delayed, or in some cases, never made. Would it also surprise you to learn that in today’s digital world, many customers pay outside of business hours? In fact, data shows that over 20% of all credit card transactions processed through the ezyCollect simplyPaid portal occur outside of the traditional 9 – 5 office hours.

Improve your payment rates

ezyCollect’s simplyPaid portal is a standalone solution that allows customers to pay any invoice at any time in a portal designed for ease of use and efficiency.

When integrated with your ERP system, a pay now button is embedded inside every invoice, reminder, and statement. After being directed to the online portal, your customers can pay online with a credit card, instead of having to call through to the Accounts team. This makes credit card payments quick and easy for all parties, and drastically improves payment rates. The payments are then written back into your MYOB Enterprise software automatically to make the whole process efficient and accurate.

Your customers also have the option of paying by different methods removing almost any barrier for prompt payment. Payments by credit card, direct debit, EFT (coming soon) or instant 3-month terms are available in the simplyPaid portal. All of which helps you get paid sooner, increasing your cash flow, and reducing your Accounts team’s workload.

ezyCollect provides an end-to-end solution for all your debtor cash flow needs. They make it easy for customers to pay you and helps get the cash into the bank.

In March 2021, we held a webinar with ezyCollect that discussed how you can deliver a world class Accounts Receivable experience. Making payments simple and accessible is one of the steps of this process. You can watch the full webinar here:

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