Quick tips and tricks in MYOB Exo: Part 2

5 Tips and Tricks to enhance your use of MYOB Exo. Part 2!

Welcome to Part 2 of MYOB Exo Quick Tips and Tricks! Our goal at Kilimanjaro is to ensure MYOB Exo users are making the most out of their software to reach the full potential of the system. Have you read Part 1 of our quick tips? Read more and learn how to optimise your use of MYOB Exo in minutes! Need more support or training? Click the link here.

 Quick Tip Six: Shortcut links to multi databases

You can store your Exo Business database name and username in your ‘Exo Shortcut’ so it will always default to the right database and username.   Right-click on the shortcut and select Properties. This saves time when opening your MYOB Exo system, as it will default to the selected database.

Quick Tip Seven: Custom column settings

In most Exo Grids, the columns can be rearranged to suit your preference.  Drag them to a new position and right-click on the blue ‘Headings’ row to save the settings. You can also add or remove fields using ‘Select visible columns’.

Quick Tip Eight: Edit transaction dates

Transaction dates: If you right click on the General Ledger Transactions tab and go to ‘Edit transaction references’ you can easily change the date of the transaction.

 Quick Tip Nine: Shortcut Keys

  • Instead of right-clicking to add a line Narrative, Ctrl + N will open the line Narrative window for the selected line.
  • Once in the Narrative Screen, you can enter Ctrl + ‘ to Activate the Common Phrases function
  • When you wish to insert a new line, simply use the Insert shortcut key. Note that this will only apply if you are in the product entry lines screen
  • On the Sales Order Entry Screen, you can enter Ctrl + O to create a one-off stock item
  • Ctrl+ T in a narrative or notes window will insert current date & time and the name of the logged in user
  • Right Clicking In Exo will sometimes show you what the available shortcuts are on that area of the screen

Quick Tip Ten: Inserting and deleting rows

You can insert a row into an Exo grid by clicking on the line beneath the line you want to insert, and pressing the Insert key on your keyboard.

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