MYOB EXO Job Costing Basics

About the Course

The EXO Job Costing Basics course introduces users to EXO Job Costing, demonstrating the various processes and workflows available. This course provides a foundation of knowledge which will be expanded upon through the onsite training provided by your implementing consultant.

Course Duration

EXO Job Costing Basics is a one day course.


  • Participants should be able to operate a computer using Microsoft Windows.
  • Headstart – Module 1 – Getting Started and Headstart – Module 3: Purchasing and Stock Costs must be completed prior to attending this course.

Who should attend

You should complete this course if you:

  • Are responsible for setting up new Jobs.
  • Are responsible for entering transactions (costs and time) against Jobs.
  • Are responsible for producing invoices for Jobs.
  • Are currently working with an implementing partner to install MYOB EXO Job Costing in your business.

Course Outline

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of how EXO Job Costing integrates with EXO Finance and other MYOB EXO modules
  • Demonstrate an understanding of how stock movement is managed in Job Costing (WIP)
  • Create resources used in Job Costing
  • Create new Jobs, including Master and Sub-Jobs
  • Add quotes/budgets to Jobs, including quote options
  • Enter actual costs and time (labour, travel, etc.) against Jobs
  • Invoice Jobs
  • Create inventoried items from Jobs
  • Create Billing Shcedules and invoice accordingly

Course Cost

The course is $440 excluding GST.


To find out when we will be running this course again and to reserve a place, please call us on 1300 857 464 or email

A Breakdown of MYOB Exo

This page will deal specifically with MYOB Exo.

We have a page dedicated to reviewing other ERP packages.

Features and Benefits- What MYOB Exo Does Well

  • Stable platform
  • Highly configurable
  • Integration
  • Ease of navigation
  • Affordable
  • Scalable
  • Open database/ MS SQL Platform
  • Full access to SQL database
  • Extracting data
  • Stock control (Serial Number Tracking, Batch Tracking)
  • General ledger
  • Job Costing
  • Complex reporting capability
  • Forecast based purchasing
  • Landed Costs/ Multi-Currency
  • Multi-Location
  • Branch accounting
  • Consolidation
  • Margin management
  • Social media integration
  • Extra Fields
  • Intercompany consolidation
  • Bill of materials
  • Additional licences can be purchased singularly
  • Volume pricing discounts
  • Strong accounts
  • Many audit procedures and Accountants Assistant
  • Pricing policies
  • Mobile sales solution (Exo OnTheGo)
  • Integration to best -of -breed solutions (for example POS systems, Warehouse management, Websites)

What MYOB Exo could do better

  • POS- Touchscreen (restaurants etc)
  • POS offline capability
  • Manufacturing resource planning
  • Cash flow management
  • FIFO
  • Unable to post future dated transactions
  • May be perceived as an expensive solution for small sites (1-2 user sites)
  • Multiple level Bill of Materials
  • Branch based balance sheets
  • Web based CRM
  • Multi bin locations per product per location

Who’s It For?

  • Stock based business
  • Service based business
  • Businesses formed on a group/multiple entity structure
  • Importing/Exporting based business
  • Mid sized/ larger and growing companies
  • Not for profits with complex General Ledger Requirements
  • The correct implementation of other modules facilitates multiple industry usage
  • The software is highly configurable and can be applied across industries


Founded in 2001, Synargy is a Christchurch based business that specialises in importing furniture for key retailers in New Zealand.

Critical to the company’s success was a system that could manage the complex logistics and supply chains developed by Synargy.

Having implemented MYOB Exo, the team are confident that the software has set them apart from the competition.

To find out why, please read the Synargy Case Study.


Riley Industrial and Marine Sales

Tasmanian business Riley Industrial and Marine Sales (RIMS) is a specialised engineering operation that was set up in 1981. RIMS now boasts 35 staff and three sites.

Such expansion means RIMS’ data needs to be managed more closely and effectively. Which meant that RIMS need a more efficient management system.

MYOB Exo became the right choice for RIMS thanks to its reasonable price, ease of use and implementer support.

To read more, please have a look at the RIMS Case Study.

Floyd Instruments

Floyd Instruments, founded in 1935, is the only remaining company in Australia to manufacture analogue gauges.

When they outgrew MYOB Premier, Floyd Instruments began looking for a new solution as their activities shifted from manufacturing to importing.

What pushed them to go with MYOB Exo? For a start; it was part of the MYOB family and secondly; it could be customised to suit their needs.

To read about the numerous improvements Floyd Instruments have been exposed to, please read their Case Study.


Hyper performance is a hydraulic repair shop that has been around since 1994. Based in Brisbane, they are the world’s largest supplier of blast hole hydraulic components.

As sales began to increase, it became apparent to the team at Hyper performance that a more robust system was needed to incorporate key business features such as job costing and stock management.

To read more about Hyperperformance’s transition from MYOB Premier to Exo, please read their Case Study.

Haynes Mechanical

Started in 1994, this Queensland-based business provides fitters and servicemen to mining companies. The Haynes Mechanical team is made up of over 100 employees.

Not content with their previous accounting system, Haynes looked around for a replacement solution that was easy to use; and had payroll and job costing facilities.

They found their perfect fit with MYOB Exo.

To read more about their MYOB Exo experience, please read the Case Study.

Automotive Engine Reconditioners

Based in Invercargill, New Zealand, Automotive Engine Reconditioners Limited is a retail business which specialises in engineering, mags and tyres.

They credit MYOB Exo’s Job Costing module for helping shape their business, thanks to its straightforward setup and accounting capabilities.

For more information, please have a look at the Automotive Engine Reconditioners Case Study.

Midstate Machinery

Midstate Machinery was established in 2001 and is an Australian owned business which sells to farmers statewide. The company now has 35 dealerships selling and servicing both large and small tractor and agricultural machinery brands.

Being divided into three areas- spare parts, sales, and workshops; Midstate’s stock management and customer information systems became complicated to follow and manage. Having already been using MYOB’s Premier system, Midstate were looking for a similar system which included extra benefits like job costing, asset management, stock control and hire tracking.

For more information, take a look at the Midstate Machinery Case Study.

Midland Irrigation

Midland Irrigation was founded in 1973 in Bendigo and has since grown to include a second branch in Ballarat.

For the Midland Irrigation team, an integrated solution that incorporated point-of-sale, job costing, stock control and reporting was necessary for their business to flourish. The company needed a system that would grow with them, and they found their solution in MYOB Exo.

For more information, please read the Midland Irrigation MYOB Exo Case Study.


Serviceable Units

The MYOB Exo Serviceable Units module fully integrates with MYOB Exo Job Costing to better manage the end to end process of servicing items. MYOB Exo Serviceable Units is well suited to a range of businesses including:

  • Vehicle Repair Centres
  • Repair and Maintenance Businesses
  • Managing repairs under warranty

 With MYOB Exo Serviceable Units you can:

  • Store all the details relating to the unit being serviced
  • Track and link warranties
  • Plan service schedules
  • Store a complete history of units
  • Utilise graphical dashboards to help with the management of jobs

For further information please take a look at the Serviceable Unit Management Factsheet.

MYOB Exo Job and Project Costing

MYOB Exo Job Costing is an additional module that can be purchased that integrates with MYOB Exo Finance.

MYOB Exo Job Costing Module helps you manage the profitability of your jobs and projects in real time by providing direct visibility of all of your input, process and time costs. It boasts a number of key features and benefits that put you in control of your medium-sized business:


Job Costing Diagram

Job Costing Diagram


Use MYOB Exo Job Costing to estimate, set budgets, quote and manage to budget. When it’s time to invoice, you can easily identify any variances and charge appropriately.

For further information please read the MYOB Exo Job Costing factsheet.