MYOB Exo Integrations

We help integrate Exo seamlessly with Kilimanjaro and third-party add-on products.

MYOB Exo operates on a Microsoft SQL Server database platform. As Exo Implementers, we have full access to this database. The SQL Server makes it possible to interface with Exo on a number of different levels as well as different levels of automation.

Integrating third-party add-ons with MYOB Exo can be achieved using a number of different methods, taking into account factors like the Exo Ledgers affected, communication methods, and file and data formats.

We have integrated Exo seamlessly with Kilimanjaro add-ons and third-party add-ons alike. Some of these include e-commerce web stores like Magento and Shopify, and our own B2B platform Dealers Online. We have also successfully integrated Exo with various payment gateways and warehouse management solutions.

Exo now has a documented API, which makes integration simpler. In cases where the Exo API does not contain sufficient endpoints, Kilimanjaro has their own API, which can be built out to meet every requirement.

In all cases, integrations are carefully built so as not to be an obstacle to future upgrades of the MYOB software.


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MYOB EXO Award 2015