With 9 years of experience with MYOB Software, most of those as the leading implementer of MYOB Enterprise Solutions, we pride ourselves on our implementation methodology.

Kilimanjaro Consulting has developed a unique implementing methodology that ensures you will not go live until you are satisfied that your new system is working perfectly. The journey begins with us developing an understanding of exactly what you are doing now (the current state), and then exploring what you want to do differently in the future (the future state). The speed of implementation is entirely in your hands.

Our Philosophy – Involve, Support and Understand

From the very start of the implementation process, you will know that Kilimanjaro Consulting does things differently to other implementers. We “seek first to understand”, and use our business knowledge as well as our technical knowledge.

Eliminate Uncertainty

We believe in “No prescription without consultation”. We make sure we understand your problems and requirements before prescribing the solution. This eliminates uncertainty – we know what you want and you know what we are delivering.

Support and Coach

Our philosophy is that you need to become self-sufficient on your new system. We therefore support and coach you rather than doing all the work for you. Depending on the level of skills in your organisation, you may be able to do large portions of the pre-implementation work yourselves. You can manage your budget by deciding how much you do, and how much we do. We believe that the more you participate in the design and implementation of the system, the better equipped you will be to become self-sufficient. All of our services are built around this principle.

Reduce Risk

We have developed a structured implementation methodology, aimed at overcoming the risks and obstacles to implementation. Every business needs to be aware of 3 types of risk before starting an ERP Implementation.

  1. Software Risk – for example, is the software too complex for my requirements/needs?
  2. Implementer Risk – for example, how many sites has this implementer implemented, and do they have the skills in their team to deal with my complex issues?
  3. Self-Inflicted risk – for example, have I allocated sufficient time and budget to this project, and are my expectations realistic?

At Kilimanjaro, we aim to understand your current processes, your limitations and frustrations and vision, and then configure MYOB Advanced to as closely as possible to your ideal future state.