Thanks to your team we moved onto version 8.6 without a hitch. - Distribution
[The trainer]'had the knack' to get across the process & procedures in a way which was easy to pick up and put into practise. I found the course very interesting and it has widened my outlook on what sort of reporting is available. I was impressed by Kilimanjaro's set up...thought it was great having a member from Support in our class... - Electricity, Gas, Water & Waste Services
A few weeks ago we were put in touch with Kilimanjaro Consulting by our IT consultants. Since then, Steve has been of great assistance in transitioning to a new terminal server that we have installed - Retail
A very well presented course, to be commended. - Automotive Sales & Services
All our questions were answered professionally and in a manner we understood - Transport
All well done! - Distributor
Although a long term user of EXO, I still learnt enough to make the course worthwhile. I enjoyed the course...Well done EXO! Finally we have some training that is readily and commercially available that I feel is tailored to suit new seasonal EXO users - Agriculture
Bernadette you’re amazing...It’s absolutely fabulous thank you so much! I just went and showed all the staff and they’re all dancing around with glee...Thanks again for all your efforts. - Importer, Distributor, Manufacturer
Best course materials I have seen. - Technology Services
Brilliant presentation. Very clear explaining and very helpful. I learnt a lot, even in sections we have been utilising for a long time. - Manufacturer
I really enjoyed the Clarity Advanced course and can’t wait to start exploring the possibilities! - Wholesaler
Comprehensive coverage and excellent knowledge of EXO and understanding of scenarios. - Automotive Sales & Services
Course delivered exceptionally well. Comprehensive course material which is user friendly. - Wholesaler
Course is very important to complete before we go live. The instructor was lovely and helpful. I am sure the material will be used. Training was great. Thank you for your help. - Manufacturer
Everything was great the course went at a very steady pace and was made clear. A great start and understanding to EXO. - Plumbing Specialist
Everything was great. Very happy with the quality of presentation. - Retail
Excellent course... The instructor is very easy to understand. This course was definitely worth attending and I have learnt alot about Clarity and reporting - Wholesaler
Excellent method of teaching - very easy to understand. Very useful for my everyday work - quite pleased with the material. The course as a whole was fantastic. - Wholesaler
Excellent pace and information. - Healthcare
Fantastic presentation and patience - answer for everything! Very helpful course. - Building & Trades
Fun. Good delivery. Nicely packaged. 5 stars. - Transport
FYI - The guys from Kilimanjaro just called & did remote login & fixed up all my popup error messages including the access violation one!!!!! :) :) 11 out of 10 for service :) :) - Mining; Building & Trades
Good content, very helpful and useful. - Manufacturer
Good overall summary of basic features. Very good introduction. Thank you. - Technology Services
Good pace, able to hold the class together. Excellent presentation. - Wholesaler
Good use of material, great structure and delivery of material. Very well explained. - Consultancy Firm
Great course, lots of things to implement back in the office!!! - Manufacturer
Great to come for a refresh/ overview. Thanks. - Electricity, Gas, Water & Waster Services
Great trainer in pleasant premises with good examples on PC + detailed training materials - Government
Great training instructor with relevant, excellent knowledge - Business Services
The instructor was very professional, yet friendly. Appropriate examples worked on were useful and meaningful. Really enjoyed our time, may even consider an advanced course as time goes by. - Electricity, Gas, Water & Waste Services
Headstart training was very helpful as a starting point - Building & Trades
Felt Quintin was very open to questions and helped if needed. Would go over anything not understood. - Hello World Hunter Travel Group
Very informative, easy to understand and great format of Q&A. Small class was great. - Helloworld Hunter Travel Group
Helpful information and skills! - Technology Services
Hi Carmen, have just booked out an order and it works perfectly! You are a legend! - Technology Services
Hi Carol, thank you so much for all you did yesterday to make our lives easier! - Hospitality & Tourism
Hi Jason. As per our conversation, I would like to recognise Nicola’s outstanding effort in completing the integration of Prophit E-Planner with Exonet. - Professional Services
I am happy with the course and feel there is a requirement for users (particularly Managers/ Office Managers, etc.) to attend the full series of have onsite training. - Professional Services
I appreciate all the help this year...EXO is certainly working much better than it has in the past. We have worked through a lot of our problems and changed the way the business is set up...I believe in a much better place heading into the new year. I have particularly enjoyed working with Nicola who is always very helpful and teaches me along the way - Manufacturer
I enjoyed the way in which the instructor presented & got us to trial things & learn from our mistakes. - Manufacturer
I especially appreciated the way that the instructor faced problems and issues and was prepared to work through them as this helps provide practical resolution. - Accounting & Tax Services
I got a lot out of the Exo Payroll Beginner's course - Community & Government
I got a more general overview of how the whole EXO system works which is very helpful. - Building & Trades
I have sent this quick note to acknowledge Heena's wonderful assistance and to let you know it has been an absolute pleasure dealing with Heena. Heena has always operated at a very professional level and gives you the confidence that you are guaranteed quality service - Manufacturing
I just wanted to write to say thank you for the support your team provided today when we had an issue with the EXO EOM roll over. It was panic stations here for a while, but your team did a fantastic job in a short space of time to resolve it. Thank you - Import, Manufacturing & Distribution
I know I have said it but thanks again for all your patience and us get EXO up and running in our business like it should be. I can see you are very passionate about the product and we look forward to working with you into the future - Manufacturer
I loved the course. Quintin was easy to follow & definitely helped me as I struggled. Looking forward to completing the course at a later date. - Construction
I really enjoy using EXO, I find it easy to navigate through, to access reports and especially reconciling at the end of every month. I love that if I have a question I can just ring Support, they help me quickly and I can continue on with my work. EXO has removed a lot of daily and end of month stress that I used to have. - Manufacturer, Wholesaler & Importer
I really enjoyed the course and now am confident in EXO. - Professional Service
I should take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for the fantastic support we received since coming on board with K-C. - Office Goods Retailer
I thoroughly enjoyed the course and hope to be back for the Advanced Users training. Thanks too for the useful links provided - Technology Services
I was most impressed by Kilimanjaro's set up. - Plumbing Service Provider
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for providing a great support to us throughout the year. It is really appreciated. - Import & Wholesale Distributor
I've learnt so much about EXO, now I just need the time to put it all into practise! Thank you! - Building & Trades
It was a great course that will be extremely useful. - Building & Trades
I’m confident now to go back to work. It was very helpful. Will probably need your help again! - Building & Trades
It would be a pleasure to speak to your potential client about EXO and Kilimanjaro. We are very pleased with system and the support from you guys. - Manufacturing
Julia – you’ve made the process of a major payroll change for our company run very smoothly for a stress head like me. It’s been a pleasure working with you. Thank you so much. - Wholesaler
Julia’s customer service & payroll knowledge is outstanding, always willing to help & assist with a smile on her face.Good customer service & product knowledge is often difficult to find...Thank you for the outstanding customer service & making everyone feel like they are the number one customer - Manufacturing
Julia – just wanted to say a huge thank you to yourself, Keegan and the rest of the Kilimanjaro team for all your support and assistance with our Payroll upgrade - Not for Profit
Kate speaks very clearly and operates at a highly professional level. - Manufacturer
Kilimanjaro did an excellent job, Their team is very easy to work with, they have great project management skills and were very good at providing estimates so we didn’t stray from our budget at all. Their service desk is another terrific partnership benefit - Adam Blatch Ronald McDoland House Charity
Edcon Steel continues to grow with confidence on the integrity and visibility of business data that MYOB Exo provides us. We are able to rely on MYOB Exo and our implementer Kilimanjaro to provide us with up to date information and intelligence on our business that allows the right decisions to be made at the right times. - Hugh Edmunds - Managing Director - Edcon Steel
Kilimanjaro was a pleasure to work with, they understood our business needs and worked the program to cater for our needs - Manufacturing
Kim – just want to say thank you very much for your help with the year-end back up and rollover, you are really a good help! - Manufacturing
Liked having the time to prepare our own report at end of day. - Building & Trades
Andrey moves like lightening - Pity help you if you get distracted! Loved it! Keep it up Andrey!! - Distribution
Loved the course, would definitely recommend it to everyone. Quintin was great! - Wholesale
Course was well planned. Clear information and instructions were delivered. Easy to follow and understand. - Maidment Development Group
The course was well presented and clear. Quintin was patient and knowledgeable. Looking forward to the intermediate course tomorrow. - Maidment Development Group
Manan has been really good to deal with, can't thank him enough! - Building & Trades
Many thanks for the opportunity. I would not survive without the training. - Wholesale
Many thanks for the fruit box that arrived today!...I have thoroughly enjoyed working with both of you...It’s been a pleasure and a satisfying journey to set up one of the hardest and most complex businesses. I do hope I have the opportunity to work on another EXO project in the future with both of you! - Manufacturing
Our company has previously had very poor implementation/ training experience - this training has helped get EXO back on the rails. - Wholesaler
Overall a very informative and relaxed day, with knowledgable information applicable for my role. Class size was good and training facilities were comfortable and within their means. Thank You Quintin for an informative day. - Manufacturing
Overall, really helpful. - Building & Trades
Plenty of time to cover all modules. Explanation was very clear on questions raised. - Professional Services
Plenty of time to practise new techniques. - Professional Services
Quintin is highly knowledgeable - Distribution
Quintin was a great trainer! - Business Services
Quintin was an approachable instructor when requesting to restart a demonstration. - Technology Services
Quintin was very knowledgeable of the system. He was able to clarify concerns. Thank you for the 3 days of overwhelming information. - Food & Beverage
Radika, you have been an absolute pleasure to deal with and are the primary reason why Abacus has had such a successful MYOB EXO implementation. Thank you! - Accounting & Finance
Thank you, Rob. What did I do before you came to Kilimanjaro, I wonder? - Manufacturing
Robyn was so friendly and helpful. She’s going to be our favourite in Support, she was so easy to understand and spoke our language - Distribution
The courses met all my expectations. Quintin was very good at communicating all aspects of the course - RVO Food Equipment
Should have attended ages ago! Very good overall. - Manufacturer
Thanks for the wonderful support and guidance during our successful MYOB Advanced Implementation this year. Special thanks goes to Radika and Jason who were very helpful and knowledgeable during the project. - Lorraine Ruane - Project Implementation Manager
Our company has now been with Kilimanjaro, and the Exo product, for over 10 years. Our business has grown significantly over this period and Exo/Kilimanjaro have played a key role in facilitating this growth, through features such as; scalability, unlimited customisation of reporting and other functions, add-on software such as Blue Echidna and Phocus, and API capabilities that allow us to interface Exo data directly from/to our other business platforms. The support from Kilimanjaro over this period has been crucial in maintaining and building a platform that has, and to this day, still supports our growing business - Gary Dillon - Operations Manager - Danne Montague King
Susanna- thank you for all your hard work and patience. Looking forward to working with you in the future. - Building & Trades
Terelou has been more than helpful. She has been a great asset to our project! - Retail
Thank you for providing such great service and support through what was a big year for us. - Retailer
Thanks for the very informative, practical and helpful workshop on Clarity...It is evident you have an immense knowledge of SQL, databases, programming and Exonet but are able to communicate good practical implementation of this for a business context. - Manufacturing & Supplier
Thanks so much for your email and great support. As you know, we love Exonet. I am so glad I spoke to you today. I am very happy and it gives us lots of confidence about Kilimanjaro - Retail
The activities were relevant and assisted/ aided understanding very well. - Manufacturer
The course gave me the overview with some practical application, especially management reports, which was what I was looking for. Thank you. - Healthcare
The course gives a very good introduction and understanding prior to the design phase. The instructor spoke clearly and had a helpful manner. Very knowledgeable . Great material. Good activity lessons. Instructive. - Manufacturer
The course was much better this time around as I was able to update my notes from the previous course. - Building & Trades
The course was very clear and easy to follow - it was very comprehensive - Transport
The course was very comprehensive. The instructor (Quintin) was very knowledgeable. - Transport
The implementation was very smooth and without issues…Julia was always very professional and available at any time for consultation. Her level of knowledge and expertise greatly helped me along the way. Julia was always a pleasure to work with and I wanted to formally acknowledge her and thank her for her efforts - Food & Beverage
The instructor...explained clearly and was very informative ... she was willing to find answers to clients' questions and learn new approaches through the problem solving process. Very humble approach - totally impartial. Well done - Building & Trades
The instructor made the course more interesting as she checked what we did and made explanations appropriate. It helps a lot when you can relate to what you're learning with your work - she did well. - Telco
The instructor makes the course interesting and also explain it very well. - Wholesale
The instructor was good and tried to understand my objectives and didn't say 'no it can't be done'. Good presentation and easy trainer to follow. - Wholesaler
The instructor was great...could answer any question asked and followed up on the things that were tricky / not functioning properly in our version of EXO. After this training, I received a better understanding about how certain functions will make my job easier to do - Community & Government
The instructor was helpful & patient with all my questions! Everything was very helpful in the short time space we have available to learn this system. LOVELY STAFF! - Wholesaler
The instructor was very competent in knowledge and delivery. - Business Services
The instructor was very helpful. Overall, the course was excellent and well handled. The information provided was extremely helpful. - Wholesaler
The instructor was very helpful, well presented and explained all the modules. All good and very happy with the course and instructor. - Distribution
The instructor was very knowledgeable and helpful to bring us up to an acceptable understanding as new users exposed to the EXO system. - Food & Beverage
The instructor's presentation was fantastic; she was actively involved in explaining to each person in the class. - Community Services
The migration was seamless with the training and follow up provided by Julia and Connie. We would also like to add that other staff we have spoken to when contacting Kilimanjaro have always been pleasant and more than helpful. This, we believe, has assisted us greatly when setting up, learning and driving the new programs and all are a credit to your organisation. - Not For Profit
The module was very good! - Manufacturer
I have always found the staff at Kilimanjaro to go above and beyond on phone queries. Thank you guys! - Accounting
Kilimanjaro Consulting worked with us through an agile implementation with an almost impossible deadline. The team stepped up to the challenge of taking on a large transformation of our business and always ensured the deliverables were met with the highest standards. - Candice Hwei-Yi Lee - Finance Projects Analyst
The trainer was very professional, patient & a great instructor! - Building & Trades
Kilimanjaro were incredibly responsive to our needs and requests, adjusting things or giving training where we needed it, we then passed on that training to others throughout MoAD. They really made the effort to understand our business and worked with us to make changes so the system would flow for us. - Nick Hetherington - MoAD’s Acting CFO
This course, and the instructor, went through a lot more details and explained why we were doing what we were doing ... I found this very helpful :) - Wholesaler
This firm has offered us support for the last few years and I would strongly recommend them - Wholesale
This training course filled in the gaps in my learning - Professional Services
Very awesome course and trainer! I think the course has been extremely beneficial to me! I really enjoyed it. - Manufacturer
Very comprehensive training. Very good, thanks. - Automotive Sales & Services
Very enjoyable presentation style which was refreshing - audible clarity excellent! Don't change anything - I think it is perfect as it is. - Healthcare
Very enlightening training on Clarity Report Writing last week! Thank you very much Andrey - Manufacturing
Very helpful and informative. Quintin is a delight as always. - Distribution
Very helpful answering questions specific to our needs/ business. - Food & Beverage
Very informative but looking forward to intermediate! - Electricity, Gas, Water & Waste Services
Very instructive and met needs and questions very well. Well set out and flowed smoothly, easy to follow, well done. - Electricity, Gas, Water & Waste Services
Very professional and helpful! - Distribution
I love the addition of funny Youtube videos, very relatable. Integrating context of subjects (such as fun facts on pie charts) was very interesting. - Wholesale
Wanted to say thanks for all your hard work in the last year. You guys have been a completely refreshing and professional experience compared to our [--] encounters of the past! - Importer
Was a great course, will give a good start to report writing. - Building & Trades
We would like to advise how impressed we are with MYOB EXO and also with the training and follow up contact by Susanna since migrating from MYOB Premier. Since its implementation we have seen reduced hours in processing of accounts, accessing reports, bank reconciliations, end of month work etc. and especially a reduction in time in lieu accrued by accounts staff. The migration of several files into one was so much easier than we ever imagined and this would be in a great part to the work that Susanna put into it. Her patience when training and during pre and post migration is a credit to her. - Not for Profit
Well instructed course. Friendly instructor. - Technology Services
Well presented in a simple format. - Healthcare
This was a well run course. Well done! - Technology Services
Well set out and informative course. Will enjoy the challenge of putting it into practise in real life! - Healthcare
Well set out. The instructor was well presented and made very easy to follow and understand. Overall, it went very well and the instructor interacted well and met questions and covered very well in answers. - Healthcare
Well-presented and helped to understand complex parts. - Manufacturer
Trainer was very informative and training information was straight forward - Wellington Aboriginal Corporation Health Service
You may not be aware that we had a very rocky road with MYOB, EXO and our previous partner...Anyhow all's good now since being introduced to your services. - Printing Specialists