Looking for a business management solution to cope with increased complexity and growth? You need a flexible system that can grow with you, and has the functionality that everyone inside and outside your business needs to get the job done.

MYOB EXO Finance is a robust accounting, finance and reporting engine which can be customised to suit your business and can be amplified with a range of additional modules designed to give you greater control of your business. And, MYOB is always enhancing its solutions to help growing businesses.

Introducing the all new MYOB EXO Accountant’s Assistant

MYOB EXO Accountant’s Assistant is the latest module available as an add-on to MYOB EXO Finance. It’s specifically designed to make it easier for you to work with your accountant. It brings together all the system functions accountants need into a single, easy to navigate module. This eliminates the need for your accountant to learn the whole MYOB EXO Finance system. It also will reduce errors, thanks to the introduction of process checklists which guide you through common accounting processes.

“Customised checklists created by your accountant will guide you through the accounting processes.”

IMYOB EXO Finance and MYOB EXO Accountant’s Assistant can better connect you with your accountant so you can:

  • Plan for growth with fully integrated, customised solutions
  • Manage finances with a robust accounting and finance engine
  • Stay connected with your accountant for streamlined end-of-period processing
  • Report accurately in real-time with customised reporting options.

For more information, download the MYOB EXO Accountant’s Assistant Factsheet now.